Aside from trading as a reliable wholesaler under the name MultiSnack, we also retail our products under our own brand names, namely Banting Basics and Jolly Sweets. Having our own brands makes it possible for us to sell our products at competitive market prices, while still delivering a superior quality product to our customers.






This range caters specifically to those individuals who are followers of the Banting diet. It consists of an assortment of nut and seeds that form part of the Banting diet plan. From this range, customers can make themselves delicious nut and seed granola, or even make their own almond meal!







The JollySnack range includes a variety of sweets, including dried fruit sweets (mebos and dainties), chocolate coated products, yoghurt coated products and caramel coated products. For this range, we manufacture and package all of our own mebos and dainties sweets from our very own dried fruit selection.







The MultiSnack brand caters to the food services industry and includes our full range of quality nuts, dried fruits, seeds and sweets.