MultiSnack specialises in importing (or locally sourcing), processing and distributing nuts, seeds and dried fruit across South Africa, and we offer our customers a wide variety of superior quality products to choose from. Our products are available to retailers, manufacturers and food service customers and directly to the public at our factory store in Montague Gardens, Cape Town.



MultiSnack offers a variety of imported as well as locally sourced nuts.


Our range includes:


Brazil nuts


Macadamia nuts

Mixed nuts

Peanuts (giant & cocktail)





Because we want to ensure that our customers always receive the freshest products, we have built our own on-site processing facility, where we roast, salt, spice and coat all of our own nuts. We package our own products on-site to ensure quality and freshness.




Seeds are the perfect product for customer who would like to provide healthy snack alternatives to their customers, or restaurants/bakeries that use seeds as ingredients.


The seeds we supply range from the everyday to the exotic and include the following:


• Chia seeds

Mixed seed

• Linseed

Sesame seeds

• Pine kernels

• Poppy seeds

• Pumpkin seeds

• Sunflower seeds

Dried fruit


MultiSnack supplies a range of sun and air dried fruits that include the following:

• Ginger

• Dates

• Papaya

• Figs

• Apple

• Peach

• Apricot

• Pear

• Banana

• Prunes

• Coconut

• Raisins

• Cranberries


Aside from supplying individual types of dried fruit, we also have mixed fruit and fruit flake packages available.



We provide our customers with a wide range of sweets made from nuts, seeds or dried fruits. Our sweets are all processed at our own facility to ensure freshness and we even manufacture our very own mebos and dainties from our selection of dried fruit.


Our sweet products include the following:


• Dried fruit sweets in the form of mebos and dainties

• Chocolate coated shortbread, raisins, peanuts and sunflower seeds

• Yoghurt coated raisins, peanuts and dates

• Caramel coated cashews and peanuts

• Peanut brittle




Because we always cater to our customers’ needs, MultiSnack now delivers throughout the greater Peninsula area, including Somerset West, Paarl and Kommetjie. If you do not fall under these areas, we can arrange for 3rd party distributers to deliver our products to you.