Studies have shown that pecan nuts contain more antioxidants than any other tree nut! Furthermore, they also hold an enormous amount of minerals and vitamins and therefore offer serious health benefits. With its buttery taste, pecans are enjoyable on their own as a snack, and are also perfect to use as part of summer salads, for baked goods, or to add character to a cheese board.

Packed with so much healthy goodness, pecan nuts can be pricey, but not at MultiSnack. We offer a range of pecan nut products, available to purchase in bulk. Whether you are looking for salted nuts, or you prefer them 100% natural, you will find it within our extensive product range. For those seeking something sweeter, we also have a variety of candied nuts available and since pecans go perfectly with caramel, candied pecans are another one of our premium products.

The pecan nuts we process and distribute are sourced in South Africa, as we are one of the country’s that produce some of the best pecans in the world! Therefore, we are supporting our own economy while also making some of the tastiest nuts available for fellow South Africans to enjoy. Depending on the area, pecan nuts are usually harvested from April to July.

Pecan nuts are delicious and filled with antioxidants

Are pecans truly a healthy snacking alternative?

Listed here are some of the health benefits offered by the regular consumptions of pecan nuts:

  • • Regular consumption improves digestion by keeping your intestinal system clean.
  • • Pecan nuts can help with maintaining weight since it increases your metabolism.
  • • It boosts your immunity, protecting your body from diseases.
  • • Pecans can improve the appearance of your skin and holds anti-ageing properties.
  • • These nuts are a good source of iron, so it can help combat anaemia.

With our own processing plant, we can keep a close eye on the entire production process which means that clients can have peace of mind about the quality of our entire product range. To place your order, feel free to give us a call to find out about our pricing and delivery options.

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